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Variable Reluctance Resolvers (VRRs) is a kind of electromagnetic sensor and also a kind of AC motor to measure the rotation angle signal and the rotation axis position, speed and angular speed of the rotating object, it consists of stator and rotor.

As the primary side of the transformer, the stator winding receives the excitation voltage, and the excitation frequency is usually 400/1800/3000/10000Hz, etc. As the secondary side of the transformer, the rotor winding obtains the induced voltage through electromagnetic coupling.

It is a precision angle, position, and speed detection device suitable for all situations where rotary encoders are used, especially in harsh environments such as high temperature, cold, humidity, high-speed, and high vibration where rotary encoders cannot work properly.

It’s widely used in electric-vehicle, electric tools, robot systems, aerospace, ships, mining machinery, water conservancy, construction and etc.

To find out more about our resolver at Introduction to Variable Reluctance Resolvers (VRRs)

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