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From new product introduction to mass production

Magnetic Materials

X-mag fabricates and custom produces a comprehensive line of magnets specific to design requirements in a number of vertical markets.

Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies incorporate magnets and other material parts like steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber, glue, adhesive tape and etc which usually form the protecting housing or magnetic circuit elements.

The benefits of magnetic assemblies:

  • Buffer the brittle magnet material from mechanical stress with protecting housing
  • Increase the overall magnetic strength of a magnet
  • Achieve some certain functional effects that magnet cannot meet

X-mag has production lines for various standard magnet assemblies, such as Magnetic separators, Lifting/Holding magnets, Magnetic tools and etc.

We also make custom magnetic assemblies to serve end users in many industries, such as Halbach Arrays, sophisticated magnet stacking, overmolding magnet, laminated magnets and etc.

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Motors, Rotors & Stators

X-mag automates rotor and stator production. A permanent magnet (PM) motor consists of two basic parts: a stator coil and a rotor. 

A stator coil which is powered by an alternating current, creates a magnetic field. A rotor made of permanent magnets rotates within that field. An AC motor that uses magnets is imbedded into or attached to the surface of the motor’s rotor. 

Except magnetic products, X-mag can also fabricate other materials like powder injection molding (PIM) parts, steel parts and plastic parts to provide customers with one-stop service solutions.

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Amorphous Nanocrystalline Products

X-mag provides Amorphous Nanocrystalline Products like Nanocrystalline core, Common Mode Inductors, Amorphous Inductors, Amorphous Reactors.

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