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Common Mode Inductors 

Common mode inductors serve a variety of essential functions across different applications areas, including high-frequency switching power supplies, household appliances, 5G communication technology, UPS power supplies, new energy vehicles, and charging stations.:

• Power Filtering: Common mode inductors are integral to power filters in power supplies, effectively minimizing high-frequency common mode noise. They suppress common mode interference from the power input to the output and prevent the spread of common mode noise within the circuit to the power line.

• Signal Transmission: In high-speed signal transmission lines, particularly in the case of differential signal lines, common mode inductors play a pivotal role in suppressing common mode noise, thereby enhancing signal transmission quality and anti-interference capabilities.

• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Optimization: By mitigating common mode noise, these inductors help reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), facilitate compliance with EMC requirements, and minimize interference with other electronic devices.

• Safety Protection: Common mode inductors effectively reduce common mode interference caused by sudden voltage fluctuations, lightning strikes, and other factors, thus enhancing the safety and reliability of the circuit.

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