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Pot/Holding Magnets (aka Cup Magnets) can be made with many types of magnetic materials. There are several plusses when using Cast Alnico 5 material with red painting. 

Pot/Holding magnets can be used in security components, instrumentation, sensors, and reed switches, as well as other holding applications.

Deep AlNiCo Pot Magnets

Alnico Pot Magnet Table
Alnico Pot Magnet

AlNiCo Button Magnets

Alnico Button Magnet Table

AlNiCo Shallow Pot Magnets

Alnico Shallow Pot Magnet Table

AlNiCo Cylindrical Bar Magnets

Alnico Cylindrical Bar Magnet Table
Alnico Cylindrical Bar Magnet

AlNiCo Rectangular Bar Magnets

Alnico Rectangular Bar Magnet Table
Alnico Bar Rectangular Magnet

AlNiCo Power Horseshoe Magnets

Alnico Power Horseshoe Magnet Table
Alnico Power Horseshoe Magnet

AlNiCo Minor Magnets

Alnico Minor Magnet Table
Alnico Minor Magnet

AlNiCo Pocket Magnets

Alnico Pocket Magnet Table
Alnico Pocket Magnet

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